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 A list of Audiophile Records         


Artist Record Title Album # Special    Attributes Condition  PRICE  Stock #
Miklos Rosa King of Kings - Soundtrack VC 81104 dbx NM-  $        24.95     A100
Mario Bernardi Poulenc: Aubade * Ibert:Divertissement SM5013 1/2 speed SEALED  $        19.95 
Erich Leinsdorf Wagner:Ride of the Valkyries LAB 7 Direct to Disc NM-  $        14.95     A102
Sumire Yoshihara Stockhausen: Zyklus pour un bateur RDC 1 Direct Master VG+/NM  $        14.95     A103
Neil Diamond Neil Diamond / His 12 Greatest Hits SD 16612 dbx NM-  $        12.95     A104
Richard Morris Sonic Fireworks Volume II GS 2022 dbx SEALED  $        19.95     A105
Morton Gould Latin American Symphonette VCDM 1000 10 dbx NM-  $        19.95     A106
Enrique Batiz Tchaivosky: Sym No. 6 Pathetique VCDM 1000 140 dbx SEALED  $        20.00     A107
Georg Solti Beethoven 9th (2Lps) MFSL 2-156 MFSL NM-  $        59.95     A108
Carpenters Close to You SP 4271 dbx SEALED  $        24.95     A109
Rolf Smedvig Digital Hits of 1740 Digital 101 dbx NM-  $        14.95     A110
Lee Holdridge Boy with Goldfish VCDM 1000 30 dbx NM-  $        12.95     A111
Zoltan Rozsnyai Rossini: Thieving Magpie, Barber Seville SOLD dbx SEALED             SOLD      A112
Zoltan Rozsnyai Handel: Water Music, Bach: Air for G SOLD dbx SEALED               SOLD      A113
Zoltan Rozsnyai Tchaivosky; Nutcracker, Romeo -Fantasy SOLD dbx SEALED             SOLD      A114
Zoltan Rozsnyai Dukas: Sorcere's Apprentice  SOLD dbx SEALED             SOLD      A115
Zoltan Rozsnyai List: Les Preludes, Dvorak: Slavonic
dbx SEALED            19.95
Patrick Gleeson Vivaldi's: The Four Seasons VCDM 1000 100 dbx NM-  $        14.95     A117
Zubin Mehta Star Wars & Close Encounters MFSL 1-008 MFSL NM-  $        24.95     A118
California Smoker California  Smoker (white Vinyl) SOLD Direct 2 Digit NM-            SOLD      A119
Mark Levinson Mark Levinson Presents:  SOLD dbx NM-            SOLD     A120
Loggins & Messina Full Sail SD 16606 dbx VG++ / NM-  $        19.95     A121
Roger Wagner  Live in Concert RT 110 Direct to Disc NM-  $        19.95
Morton Gould Gould Conducts Gould CCS 7005 Direct to Disc VG+/NM  $        14.95     A123
Charles Mackerras Handel: Fireworks (45rpm Sonic Series) SS-45015 Sonic Series NM-  $          9.95     A124
Sir Adrian Boult Elgar & Walton Marches (45rpm Sonic) SS-45009 Sonic Series NM-  $          9.95     A125
Sonic Hologram Demonstration - Calibration Test Record C-4000 Test Record NM-  $        19.95     A126
Various M&K RealTime Super Sampler SOLD VG+ / NM-             SOLD      A127
McGill University Audio System Test Record 84020 Test Record VG / NM-  $        19.95     A128
Yorkshire Records Stereo Systems Test Record 27012 Test Record VG++  $        19.95     A129

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